A Celebrity Golf Classic

Golf Club in Norwalk, CT

PHOTOGRAPHS: Joshua Sandler

Host: Honda of Westport

What: A Celebrity Golf Classic

Where: Golf Club in Norwalk, CT

When: Monday, June 9, 2014

Benefiting: The Michael Bolton Charities

James Blake, Hugh Ross, Steve Perkins and Joe Kulak

Timothy Kidman, David Schneider, Bob Connolly and Daniel Berta


Jonathan Moffly

R.A. Raymond, Michael Bolton, Tommy Febbraio and Steve Wilkos

Michael Bolton and James Blake


CT Cigar Co's, Nick Cassinelli, and Steve Wilkos, of The Steve Wilkos Show


Phil Graham, Allison Smith, Paxton Cane and Steve Wilkos


Steve Wilkos and Tommy Febbraio

William Durkin, Michael Bolton, Joseph Tatusko and Gabriella Mays

Michael Bolton and Joe Kulak


Michael Bolton and Tommy Febbraio

Dean Richards and Michael Bolton

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