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Editor Note: Dare To

A friend of mine is a reporter for a major national newspaper. But once he was just a college student who wanted to be a journalist. He always had a reporter’s notebook and a camera on hand. He stopped at every huddled group of students to ask what they were talking about. He brazenly knocked on the dean’s door and pounded him with questions. Late into the night, his fingers tapped away on the keyboard.

Then one day I saw what really set him apart from his fellow writers. He was working on a story about homelessness. Rather than produce what might have been a touching but familiar story about the issue, he went to a homeless shelter and stayed there for a few days. He got to know the people…and their stories.

He went beyond the expected, opened himself up, and wrote a story that was real. And that made all the difference.

I bring this up because his daring approach (even if he didn’t think it was all that daring, just what a good writer does) is not unlike what the honorees of our Light a Fire campaign do—roll up their sleeves and get to know people (not always realizing how special that approach is).

Their causes differ—from protecting animals to assisting seniors to advocating for children, and more—but the drive to make a difference personally is shared.

Each of them not only recognizes a need, each also faces it head-on and makes life better, individual by individual. Theirs is not the easy or familiar route, but it is authentic and revealing in a positive, honorable way.

Enjoy reading about our honorees—the profiles are as inspiring as they are moving. We hope you also join us for the awards ceremony on November 4. But if you miss it, you can see photos on our website at mofflymedia.com/lightafire.

Want to get involved? Throughout the year, this magazine is proud to sponsor a number of area fundraisers for nonprofits. We hope you attend some of these great galas and parties. Your support does a tremendous amount of good. Look through our Social Guide (see the booklet inside) as well as Don’t Miss This (page 120) for upcoming events this holiday season. What better time than now to see life anew, to be grateful for what we have, to give back what we can, and to realize our true potential?

Happy Holidays!