From the Editor: A New Look

Like most professionals, we bring a lot of enthusiasm and energy to our work. After the content for this magazine is all packaged up, proofed and shipped to the printer, it’s our hope that the finished pages are as informative and entertaining as they are beautiful. That’s right, beautiful. We believe in the value of a great-looking magazine because if it’s a pleasure for the eyes, you may choose to linger on a page for a moment longer and learn something new in the process.

That’s why you’re holding an issue that looks different from the previous one. For the past six months, we’ve been planning a restructuring of the way you experience New Canaan-Darien magazine. In industry lingo it’s called a redesign, and it’s been executed here to make the magazine even more enjoyable for you.   

The new look? We think it’s engaging, modern and very accessible, and that’s due to the efforts of a great design team. Our creative director, Amy Vischio, along with Venera Alexandrova and Katie Conte—the art director for this title—worked tirelessly to get the redesign just right. They’ve energized the front of the book by heightening its visual impact, and they revamped a number of departments in the process. Here you’ll find more graphic points of entry and an elegant use of typography, rules and white space. Most important, it’s all highly readable. In fact, it’s our hope that the new design will keep you even more engaged in the stories and turning pages.

Even with the refreshed look, we haven’t lost any of the sections you like most. Your favorites are still here (People & Places? Check.) However, some have been moved to make it easier for you to access the information. Dining reviews, for instance, are now in the front of the book within a new department we’re really excited about called Status Report, which is divided into six sections (Buzz, Shop, Do, Go, Home and Eat). The weddings column also has been relocated to the front of the magazine and renamed Vows. There are brand-new departments as well, including Finance Fix, which is designed to keep you on top of the market trends that affect your investments.

Each section is packaged in such a way that residents will feel even more pride in their communities. In the end, we want the pages of this magazine to look and feel as sophisticated as the towns we cover.

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