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From the Editor: Valued

OK, I agree with anyone who has uttered the phrase, “There are no guarantees in life.” I’ve heard it tossed around to mollify the anxiety that has become apart of home-ownership in the last couple of years. 

That old adage is pretty thin comfort, one we’d rather not have to draw up over our shoulders as we wait for better days. Real estate doesn’t have its own Punxsutawney Phil to forecast the upcoming season. Phil predicted an early spring—and, ridiculously, I’m pleased. When it comes to real estate, however, I demand actual data. Thankfully, after reading “The State of Real Estate” by writer C. J. Hughes, I have hopes for our real estate market too. Turn to his story for all the facts and figures and context and opinion from area home-industry pros—agents, brokers, lenders, builders, and more—that weighed in on the piece.

In fact, if it’s at all possible, you might consider reading the piece while sitting cozily next to a fire, perhaps near a window that offers a stunning view of rolling hills and grand New England Colonials. This, in and of itself, should make it clear that our area—New Canaan, Darien, and Rowayton—is a wise bet. After all, you have something many others would gladly pay you handsomely to call their own: a home here.

Of course, one of the reasons we love it here is our quaint downtown areas. So, in this issue, we also found out how Darien revitalized its downtown, which is now attracting new neighbors. Local writer Jenifer Jonson sips espresso with two major players in the process; they’re also longtime, devoted town residents. 

No one can deny that New Canaan is a handsome hamlet. The couple who owns the house you see on the cover certainly knows this. After living here for more than two decades, when their household needs changed, they couldn’t build anywhere else. Instead, they designed their dream home and stayed right here. Plus, they made sure the new house fit seamlessly into the established character of their beloved neighborhood.

Catching the trend of this issue? If you realize what you have, you’ll take care of it, respect it, and stay put. Plain and simple, that’s the real and lasting value. No disrespect to Phil, of course.