The Secret is Out

Spoiler alert: By the time you finish reading this issue, you’ll have at your fingertips the phone number for the area’s hottest masseur, a direct line to the perfect personal shopper, parent-tested cures for toddler cabin fever, the web address for a stealth supper club and an invitation to one monster martini party. You’ll find all this, and many, many more nuggets of great local information, on the pages of our Insiders’ Guide, which begins on page 48.

We asked writer Mary Kate Hogan, herself a resident of Fairfield County, to put this section together, and she tackled her fact-finding mission with gusto. Hogan spent months working her network of plugged-in pals, coworkers and even friends of Facebook friends for kernels of intelligence that residents can use to better navigate the dining, retail, cultural and outdoor scenes in their town. I like the section because it’s as relevant for newcomers to the area as it is for those who put down roots decades ago. In fact, if you’re a native who occasionally suffers bouts of “been there, done that,” you could be pleasantly surprised by some new ideas you find here.

That’s not to say we’ve covered all the territory. We’re still searching for a few things, including the easiest DMV for road tests and a manicure that’s really dry when you walk out the salon door. Those tidbits aren’t on file yet, but we’ll keep looking. We also hope you’ll tell us about some of your own hard-won local expertise, because the things that matter to you concern the rest of us, too.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s something different about the issue you’re holding. It showcases our new cover logo, a fresh and modern treatment designed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of New Canaan • Darien & Rowayton. As Moffly Media President Jonathan Moffly notes in his letter on page 10, our goal is to constantly improve the magazine to meet your needs and to reflect the deep pride we all have in our community. The eye-catching cover treatment is just one of the exciting changes we have planned for the landmark year ahead.

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