15 Things You Didn’t Know About Waveny House

Interesting facts about the historical New Canaan mansion

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  • Waveny House sits on land once known as Prospect Farm, which was owned in the late 1800s by a successful leather merchant from New York named Thomas W. Hall.
  • In 1904, Hall sold the property to his friend and colleague Lewis H. Lapham. Lapham’s wife, Antionette, renamed the property “Waveny” after the Waveney River in England, near where her ancestors lived. 
  • Waveny was a summer home for the Laphams, who wanted to build their own “bigger” house, so construction on the Tudor-style Waveny mansion began in April 1912. When Waveny House was completed in 1914, Hall’s original house, which sat in front of Waveny House, was razed.
  • The architect for Waveny House was William B. Tubby, a friend of the Laphams and a well-known architect, particularly in New York City.
  • The grounds and gardens surrounding Waveny House were designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr, son of the designer of Central Park in New York City. 
  • Mrs. Lapham, one of the founding members of the New Canaan Garden Club, often held the group’s meetings at Waveny House. 
  • Waveny House at one time had a built-in pipe organ.

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